Interview With Janice Wald from Mostly Blogging On Building A Money Making Blog In 2018

Welcome to the Bloggers Passion Bloggers interview series. It’s been a while since we did an interview and this time we’re glad to present you Janice Wald from Mostly Blogging. If you’re curious to know about how to build a money making blog even if you’re a beginner,

Bloggers Passion Traffic & Income Report 2018 | What to Expect in 2019

Finally the wait is over. Every year, we publish yearly income reports of Bloggers Passion (you can find the previous years income and traffic reports from here and here).

WP Rocket Plugin Review: Should You Buy This WordPress Cache Plugin?

Are you searching for an honest WP Rocket plugin review? You’re in the right place. Using the RIGHT caching plugin can help you in achieving faster website performance and loading times. But there are so many caching plugins out there. Over 600,

Interview With Fabrizio Van Marciano from Magnet4Blogging

Welcome to another edition of Bloggers Passion interview series. This time, we’ve around Fabrizio Van Marciano from Magnet4Blogging. He’s a full-time blogger and a talented website designer who has been in the online business for a long time now. In this interview with Fabrizio Van Marciano,

WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache: Which is The Best WordPress Caching Plugin In 2019? 

Are you curious to find out which caching plugin works best among WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache? You’re in the right place. Before talking about these two ultimate WordPress caching plugins in detail, Let’s first talk about the basics. What is caching? A cache is a temporary storage area.

How to Start a Blog in 10 Minutes Or Less in 2019 [Step By Step Process]

Do you want to know how to start a blog or website in just 10 minutes? Starting a blog was the best step I have taken in my professional life. Now, I have a range of niche websites besides this very blog and all I can say is blogs are the best way to express...

HostPapa Web Hosting Review: Is It The Perfect Hosting to Use In 2019?

If you’re looking for an honest HostPapa web hosting review, you’re in the right place. HostPapa is considered one of the affordable and reliable hosting choices that provide shared, reseller, a virtual private server (VPS) hosting and so on.

12 Easiest Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks for Your Blog in 2019

Everyone wants more search traffic. The problem is not everyone gets it. 90% of the bloggers never get more than 100 visits a day from search engines. That’s a sad truth. If you don’t get enough traffic from search engines, you can’t make more sales or increase your brand.

Best Email Marketing Strategy: 45+ Experts Sharing Their #1 Strategy for Beginners

If you’re looking for an excellent resource for creating the best email marketing strategy that works like a charm in 2018 and beyond, you’re in the right place. Are you wondering if you should spend money on building and growing your email list?

Top 10 Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs to Use to Make Money In 2018

If you’re looking for top pay per click affiliate programs to use in 2018 to earn more as a publisher & affiliate, this is for you where you’ll find some of the best PPC affiliate programs. Advertisers are spending billions of dollars every single year on Google AdWords,

Top Social Bookmarking Sites List With High DA to Get Quality Links And Exposure In 2018

One of the most ignored yet easiest link building and blog promotion strategies is bookmarking in SEO. If you’re looking for the best guide around social bookmarking sites, you’re in the right place. Whether you know it or not,

My YouTube Re-Monetization Experience

I uploaded my first ever video to YouTube in 2006. This was around the same time that I started my professional blogging career and it was also around the time that I met John Chow for the first time. From what I can recall, I also had an account with the now defunct Google Video,

Introduction to Push Notification Ads (2019 Version)

Affiliate marketing is full of surprises and waves. Smart affiliates are the ones who see the waves before they break! If you are reading this,

Restrictions on Amazon FBA. How to Focus on What Isn’t Gated and Profit

Along side my eBay venture, I also signed up to Amazon FBA. If I am selling on eBay might as well go for it on Amazon as well. Everyone says that it is a bit late to get in the game. As the saying goes, the best time to start is now. Yes, I would […]

A Look Inside The One Funnel Away Challenge

In this video, I show you inside the One Funnel Away Challenge. I’ve received many questions about the challenge, and figured the best way to explain it, is to show you inside. The One Funnel Away Challenge is designed to FORCE you to stop working on stuff that doesn’t matter,

I Just Joined The Coolest 30 Day Challenge

This year, I’m putting a huge focus on IMPLEMENTATION in my online business. We live in a world with so much information right at our fingertips. Almost anything we need to know is literally a few clicks away. But here’s the thing.

The Future of Content Marketing Now And In 2019

It’s hard to judge the direction of content marketing because it keeps changing so rapidly. However, one thing is for sure, content marketing will continue to make an impact going forward. I’m surprised at the amount of people who don’t put emphasis on where it matters. For example,

Parkinson’s Law: Working to Your (Time) Limit

Far and away one of the greatest benefits to living the dot com lifestyle is that you get to set your own schedule. You have the time freedom to work on what you want, when you want, where you want. But as dear old Uncle Ben told us so many years ago, with great power comes great responsibility.

Proofreading: A Simple Blogging Tip

If you want your blog to sound professional, you should always proofread your articles! You definitely don’t want your articles to be filled with typos and grammatical errors. When facing grammar we are not all equals and proofreading may require more efforts and more time for some than others.

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will…

Calvin Coolidge

Paid Blogging: 6 Steps to Get Compensated by Your Company to Blog

The one thing that prevents most small businesses from starting a blog is the actual blogging. They understand the benefits and they don’t have a problem with paying for site design and hosting. It’s just that they don’t understand how to use a blog and how to write all that content,

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