Bevo Media Bought by Vize Capital

Bevo Media (, a popular tracking platform and ad exchange in the performance marketing industry, has been acquired by Silicon Valley-based private equity firm Vize Capital (

Bevo Media Bought by Vize Capital

Bevo Media (, a popular tracking platform and ad exchange in the performance marketing industry, has been acquired by Silicon Valley-based private equity firm Vize Capital (

After Five Months, Verizon Resumes Buying Video Ads on YouTube

PACEDm.comVerizon stopped purchasing YouTube ads about five months ago because of some very serious concerns regarding what type of content their ads were being paired up with. YouTube has no simple way to ensure only desirable content is surrounding the ads. To fix that issue,

Cake and Accelerize Face Bad News and Horrible Stock Prices

PACEDm.comAfter dominating the market for several years, Accelerize Inc, mainly doing business as Cake (FKA Cake Marketing) has lost significant market share to competitors. As a result of this, their stock is at an all-time low and the company has been cutting staff left and right. Worse,

New Report Finds Digital Ad Fraud Worse Than Previously Thought

PACEDm.comWe’ve all known that ad fraud is a major concern in this industry, but according to a new report from independent ad fraud researcher, Augustine Fou. The report, which is normally published quarterly,

Invoca Hiring Director, Demand Generation in Santa Barbara

PACEDm.comAre you looking for an exciting opportunity in the digital marketing space, at a software company that has deep technology differentiation and is aligned to key macro level trends in the industry?

ALERT: Nevada Enacts New Website Privacy Policy Law

PACEDm.comNevada recently became the third state to enact legislation requiring website operators and online service providers to post a privacy policy. The California law was passed in 2004 and Delaware’s in 2016. Senate Bill No. 538 mandates that, commencing on October 1, 2017,

Feds Say to Keep Amazon Deliveries that Aren’t Yours

PACEDm.comLast year, online sales reached nearly $395 billion. Predictions are for them to reach $523 billion by the year 2020. The Better Business Bureau warns that sometimes, with such a huge volume of sales, mistakes happen. Merchandise can get sent to the wrong address.

Easy Ways to Make Money on Instagram

PACEDm.comWith 700 million users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. But people are not sharing photos on it just for the sake of sharing.

FTC Pushing Cybersecurity

Edith Ramirez, an FTC Chairwoman, has commented that it is essential for tech startups to be investing in cyber security into their businesses right from the very beginning.  During the FTC’s, “Start with Security” conference, which took place on September 9th,

Conversion Rates Improving?

In the report for the second quarter of 2015 Monetate found that the conversion rates have gone from 2.93% to 3%.  This may seem like a fairly small increase (and it is) but it is notable because for the past several quarters the conversion rates have been dropping. 

Mobile Marketing Compliance 101

This is PART TWO in a five part series focusing on Internet marketing, mobile marketing and online lead generation compliance.  On July 10, 2015,

Business Growth: Recruiting for Cultural Fit

How do you decide who will be the best fit for your business? Do you place more weight on experience, qualifications, or cultural fit? As a rapidly growing business, you will need to invest time and money into finding the right person to fulfill newly created job roles.

5 Tools To Create Online Courses (& A Formidable Personal Brand)

Building a personal brand is a monumental undertaking. Nonetheless, it’s a worthwhile one. The brand you create for yourself influences what the world thinks when it hears your name. The better your personal brand, the better your reputation and the opportunities that come with it.

Are You a Serial Opportunist?

A term that I see getting thrown around on an increasingly frequent basis, especially among all my other self-employed friends, is “serial entrepreneur.” You’ve probably seen it in the context of Internet marketing, dot com startups, and other related industries. The idea is that this person,

8 Business Skills You Should Teach Your Kids Now [Infographic]

With back to school just around the corner (or already in full swing in many areas of the US), it brings up the question: “Are our kids being taught enough business or entrepreneurial skills?” In my personal opinion, no.  

Top 5 Ways To Work Smarter Not Harder

It doesn’t matter if you have taken that big leap into solopreneurship or you still have your nose to the grindstone working for someone else, we all struggle with productivity. For many, like myself, it is a daily occurrence. Let’s face it,

Get Your Pass for Affiliate Summit West 2018

Affiliate Summit West 2018 will be returning to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel over January 7-9, 2018, where thousands of digital marketers from over 70 countries will gather for the performance marketing industry’s premier global event. The conference and tradeshow offers attendees:

Do I Need Google AdWords to Succeed in eCommerce?

Google AdWords is a mainstay for many new eCommerce ventures. Companies fear that without Adwords, they could spend months or even years in the sandbox. They worry they’ll be there waiting for their SEO efforts and other more organic marketing efforts to bear fruit. So they wonder,

China’s E-Tail Revolution: Transform or Fail

As e-commerce continues to grow in China, the only companies to survive will be those that are willing to adapt and let their consumers dictate the purchase journey.

What’s It’s Like To Attend A Titanium Mastermind?

In my last driving video, I talked about the importance of networking with like minded people at your level and above. The power of association is very powerful in the way it shapes the kind of person we are, and how much money we make. Birds of a feather flock together. Success bleeds success.

7 Top Tips For Measuring Your PPC Accounts

If you have used AdWords you will probably have discovered that it can be a real money pit. A poorly optimized AdWords campaign will see your ad budget quickly diminish, often with very little to show for it. This […]Post from:

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