The Ultimate Guide To Streamlining Your Accounts Payable Process

Let’s face it: the process of improving and streamlining your accounts payable process can feel like you’re drowning in a sea of busywork. It’s also one of the most important, yet overlooked, processes within a business that can actually make you go from negative to positive in monthly ROI.

5 Working Methods to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Website in 2018

Traffic is something we all need. No matter what type of business or brand you run, there is an endless supply of traffic floating around the internet, yet there is also never enough. At the same time, not all traffic is the same,

5 Tips For Successful Property Management Marketing in 2018

Are you short on time? Obviously, we all are. This is likely even more true if you are an entrepreneur and run your own business. As much as other would like to think entrepreneurs are all super rich and make money online without ever actually working, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

How to Pick the Best Business Credit Cards for Startups

You obviously know about the existence of business credit cards, and you may have even heard about the benefits they give to companies, but you’re still worried about getting one for your startup. If that’s that the case… don’t be.

Save Time and Increase Earnings with Binom Pro Tracking Solution

For entrepreneurs, business and brands, and of course affiliate marketers — time is money. As a performance marketing professional, you don’t want to be wasting your time working on campaigns that aren’t contributing in a meaningful way to your bottom line.

10 Tips to Create a Business and Work Environment that Employees Love

One of the benefits of having a healthy company is a productive team that goes above and beyond the call of duty. This is especially true for online businesses and brands that can hire in-house and remotely at the same time. With better time, money, and employee management,

7 Examples of How to Rank Higher in Google for Your Name

Your name is important and when someone searches for it online, you want to make sure they find your correct information. This isn’t just about reputation management, it’s also about looking your best and delivering a great first impression.

Best Strategies to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Photos

Instagram has faced significant growth in terms of popularity in recent years. With so many ways to promote a business, it’s no surprise that it gained so much love and attention by hundreds of millions of users around the world. For businesses and brands on the social platform,

4 Ways Hiring a Brand Strategist Can Help Transform Your Business

If you think hiring a brand strategist is a waste of money, think again. Read on to learn 4 ways a brand strategist can help transform your business. Do you have a business that needs some help? Do you have a successful business but know there’s more you could be doing to boost image?

5 Different Scenarios Where Discussing Money Is Taboo

Being an affiliate marketer or an entrepreneur, and working in the internet marketing industry is completely different from any other business or job in the world today. Head to any major affiliate marketing or business event,

MegaPu.sh Push Notifications Network is Excellent for Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you are constantly looking for new, creative, and effective ways to optimize your campaigns. It’s critically important that you look at every step at the process to unearth potential opportunities. Are you picking the right offers to promote?

17 Growth Hacks to Help Your Startup Scale Faster

Startups are everywhere on the internet today. It doesn’t matter if your expertise, service, or focus is on technology, business, social media, content creation or even applications — this space is extremely saturated! Everyone has ideas,

Logo Design Tips for Digital Marketers, Businesses, and Brands

Pepsi made headlines in 2008 when it decided to spend over $1 million redesigning its logo. This was a fresh reminder to businesses all over the world just how important a good logo really is. Strangely, many online businesses don’t seem to have gotten the memo.

SEO Tips to Dominate the Competition in Your Niche Market

Starting a new website or blog can be very exciting and fulfilling. The only downside is waiting for your site to get a decent Domain and Page Authority score, quality backlinks, and waiting on those rankings to increase. For some sites and brands, this is something that happens pretty quickly,

Why Online and Offline Real Estate are Always Great Investments

No matter what profession you’ve chosen to go into, investing in real estate (both online and offline) is one of the best ways to safeguard your future financial security. You may be thinking, but I don’t know anything about investing.

New Decentralised Lead Generation Methods with Snovio

Once upon a time, there was just one television channel. If you wanted to watch anything on TV, this was the only channel available and you were at the mercy of the broadcast schedule. The only thing you could watch at 4 pm on a Thursday was whatever they were airing then. Times have changed,

How to Build a Website in Three Simple Steps with SITE123 Site Builder

When I first started creating websites back in the mid-90s, it was quite a task! Not only was everything in HTML, it was also a process of individually uploading images, pages, making sure they were all connected together, using FTP software and everything in between.

11 Ways to Use Chatbots to Offer Better, Quicker Customer Service

When customers have a question about your product or service, they want it answered quickly no matter the time of day. Few things are worse than having a problem or question,

How Attrace is Changing Affiliate Marketing with Blockchain Technology

Every once in awhile something new hits the industry and it grabs the attention of audiences around the world. In the business of affiliate marketing we all know the importance of technology and crunching the numbers as much as possible to make a profit —  however, the core foundation,

5 Easy to Use Websites and Apps for Making Money through Side Hustling

Side hustling is perfect for when your main income is not being as reliable as you’d thought, or if you need extra pocket money for a large purchase or unexpected bill. Maybe you just want to earn more money?

Best Ways to Start Making Money Online with Just $100

Every day I get a ton of emails asking me how to make money online. Thanks to the power of the internet, anyone anywhere can start making money if they are willing to just put in the time, work, and effort. In addition to the generic question of how to make money online,

Free Cloud Managed Hosting and Resources from SkySilk

The cloud is benefiting online brands in amazing ways. Organizations are investing in cloud platforms to improve the cost-effectiveness of data storage, scale online resources in unprecedented ways and minimize disruptions while pursuing customers internationally. However, with so many users,

GDPR Rules, Fines and Compliance – What You Need to Know

As most business people know, taking care of sensitive and personal data of customers is of the utmost importance. Failing to do this could see you getting on the wrong side of your customers and the wrong side of the law – and the penalties can be severe. In the past,

SearchAppNetwork – Online Advertising Trends You Need to Know Now

Tracking and measuring ad performance is more important than ever and a number of companies are helping advertisers with reporting, analytics and measurement. New York-based SearchAppNetwork helps adMarketplace and Bing provide metrics on mobile app ad performance.


来源:4A广告圈(ID:newggm)授权发布 编辑:冰块呢 最近, 一张关于甲方询价的图片在朋友圈广为流传。   面对甲方的询价, @神奇的甲方给出的经典示范就是, 永远让对方先出价。 担心这样联系下去很可能会擦出爱的火花。 网 […]


各相关企业: “隐形冠军(单项冠军、专精特新)”是国内众多中小企业和企业家追寻之路。隐形冠军公司的根本目标就是夺取市场领导地位,或树立矢志勇夺行业第一、最佳公司愿景的“心理市场领先地位”。 隐 形冠军们是一群坚定不移地走着自己认为正确道路的 […]


导 读 人们可能会关注盒马鲜生如何将餐饮和超市相结合,坪效如何做到传统线下零售店的三倍,等等。但“在我看来,这些都只是零售新时代企业创新的一个表象。真正值得关注的是,零售绩效的源泉改变了。” 不管你承不承认新零售,但零售的新时代到来了。 阿 […]

上海 | 【Ferrero】Brand Manager

* Chinese Local Labor contract with local package will be provided for this position. ** Proficiency in English and Mand […]


来源:营销案例精选(ID:m-cases) 作者:丁丁(授权发布) 前几天朋友从秘鲁旅游回来,和我说在机场看到了很特别的旅行箱。我询问她什么个特别法,她说旅行箱上有秘鲁的标志性风景,炒鸡好看,让人一看就想去秘鲁旅游。   其实这是 […]


品牌几何编辑部:如何在消费者脑中,种下对品牌的认知?今天带来品牌几何米仓付费课程【走进营销中的心理学】的内容,一多奇思合伙人兼助理心理咨询师翟起,为我们剖析关于“种草力”的深层逻辑。  文 ✎ 翟起   编辑 ✎ 品牌几何编辑部  品牌花了 […]

Affiliate Marketing in Asia – $1 Trillion Up for Grabs

Affiliate marketing has completely changed the way advertising and business are done on the internet today. What started out as a simple referral-based monetization platform from Amazon, and then soon adopted by Google,


                                                                                                          品牌诊断的重要目的是为了品牌 […]


在看起来已经成熟的游戏机市场,任天堂竟然推出了一款划时代的产品 国际数据公司(IDC)最新数据显示,全球平板电脑市场已连续13个季度出现滑坡,但任天堂一款游戏类“平板”却在2017年内卖出了1486万部,已经成为美国历史上最畅销的游戏主机, […]

上海 |【亚马逊】Marketing Manager

Job Description Oversee planning, production and execution of a wide variety of offline marketing activities for China t […]


来源:庞门正道(artman_design) 一个肥皂广告有多么难拍? 一个要求多多的客户有多难伺候? 看到最后,你肯定吐血! 要突出产品?没问题! 要温馨一些?也可以满足! 要带一些悬念感?给你! 不够概念化,时尚化?再来一次! 这样的肥 […]


刚走出所谓“致癌”风波的星巴克在4月17日宣布将对全美17万5千名员工进行为期半天的思想教育培训,时间定于5月29日的下午,为此将有8,000家直营门店临时停业。而根据道琼斯旗下MarketWatch的估算,这半天的歇业,将对星巴克直接带来 […]

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