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2018-11-15 01:25

Landing Page Creation Made Easy

For us affiliate marketers, the landing page is the messiah to lead generation.  It gives marketers the ability to dive all into any niche and convert cold traffic into treasured leads. Once upon a time though in the not so distant past, landing pages were not the clean, polished, glamorous,

Global Benchmark 2.0 Report for Mobile Marketers

Almost 89 percent of users do not return to an app one week after first installing and/or using it.  That number seems insane, however it’s all apart of the details in the new Global Benchmarks 2.0 report from mobile measurement and fraud prevention firm Adjust.

8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid [Infographic]

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram: Social media is something everyone uses, whether you are a brand, marketer, business or just your average Joe. With so many people using one platform, it’s easy for things to go wrong. 

5 Headline Tricks that Will Poison Your Treat

A powerful headline can either get your reader to continue on down the page or have them clicking that back button faster than you can blink twice.  In this day and age most people’s attention spans are spectacularly short, so it’s important to capture their interest from the start.

FTC Halts Stem Cell Claims

A California-based physician and the companies that he controls have settled charges by the Federal Trade Commission that “amniotic stem cell therapy” can treat serious diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, autism, macular degeneration, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and heart attacks.

CrakRevenue – Worldwide Leader in Traffic Monetization

Though there are many affiliate programs out there, CrakRevenue affiliate network deserves the title of Kings of Adult, Dating and Cams. With an extensive list of premium adult offers you won’t find anywhere else,

Will Google’s New Feature Kill Robo Calls?

Google’s Tuesday hardware announcement event came with the expected ever present software and AI-driven features and products.  However, one of those might have telemarketers that use the robo call function shaking in their boots.  Much like last year’s Duplex,

Sell us your Italian traffic! Ready to get it all!

This time TopOffers sets its sights on Italian GEO: enjoy pasta, pizza and profit from traffic monetization. Done with our meal, we are ready to purchase all your Italian dating traffic and turn it into cash. Choose the highest PPL rates possible. Check out our list of offers:

Offervault – What You Should Know About Casino Affiliate Programs

Online casinos use all kinds of affiliate programs to promote their services across the world. Experts have reviewed these programs and used specialized systems to rank them. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, you can join affiliate programs and benefit in different ways.  

Mobile Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

The amount of people that own a cell phone has now passed the one billion with a B mark. Of those one billion people, they will each check their cell phones 80 times on average within a 24 hour period. Think about it, that’s 80 times one billion that will look at their phones every...

Crypto – not just another vertical

Throughout its relatively short existence, the crypto market has been much more unstable than any other market in history – free flowing, under-regulated and almost incomprehensible to the masses. That’s why current crypto startups might be surprising to some people:

National Advertising Division on Comparative Advertising + “Best” Claims

The National Advertising Division frequently addresses issues pertaining to comparative advertising and “best” claims.  Most recently, the NAD ruled that Mahindra USA, Inc. could not claim its products were superior without being able to substantiate representations via reasonable evidence. Here,

What Do You Need to Know About Digital Coupon Affiliate Sites

Printed coupons? Really?  Even though the coupons from yester-years Sunday Newspaper may seem like bit of nostalgia, coupons are actually bigger and better than ever. Consumers however, are still looking for anyway to save a buck.  With the growth of the internet,

Federal Bills Introduced Regarding Marijuana Use and Related Business Activities

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently introduced the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act, legislation attempting to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level.  If passed,

A Beginner’s Guide To Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology [Infographic]

Interested In Knowing About BITCOIN? Then You Are At Right Place, Bitcoinfy.Net Provides Vivid Information About Cryptocurrencies And Bitcoin In Detail. ARE YOU A BEGINNER? Bitcoinfy.Net Vindicates Brief Information About Bitcoins From Their Origin To Usage.

Top 4 Most Spectacular Easy Ways To Get Ad Clicks

In this digital age, people are bombarded by advertising everywhere they turn.  Leaving most of us blind to the majority of all the sales ads that are thrown at us. We have all seen ads that grab our attention straight away.  

Is Blogging Still A Valid Source Of Income?

Life as a blogger can be fun, entertaining and yes even lucrative. I’ve encountered countless people over the years that always ask me if blogging is really a good source of income? Or is it just a passing phase. It can safely be determined,

False Advertising Penalties Are a Matter of Degree

In the matter of United States v. Arif, the First Circuit considered the issue of when false advertising constitutes a crime. In Arif,

Is Email Marketing Finally Dying? New Study Reveals Some Shocking News

This week industry veterans David Daniels and Nicholas Einstein of The Relevancy Group released a major new research paper entitled, “THE POWER OF EMAIL VERIFICATION AND MULTI-METHOD HYGIENE” which was sponsored by Webbula. According to a study,

CRTC Issues Penalties for Malware Distribution

The Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) does not just prohibit non-consensual commercial messages.  The  Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission also enforces CASL’s prohibitions on  the non-consensual installation of software onto a person’s computer.

The Ultimate Email Checklist [Infographic]

We’ve all been there. Spending precious time drafting and re-drafting an email that will be blasted to hundreds if not thousands of subscribers, only to realize a blaring spelling or grammatical error right after you have hit that blast button. 

Behold the Future of Nutra! It is as bright as BitterStrawberry’s brand new offers! Get your busines

Affiliate marketing is ever-changing as technology advances, bringing on the table new tendencies all the time, for business development. Even if we can’t tell for sure what will happen in the future, one thing is sure: We always need to be ready to adapt.

FTC Defense Lawyer on Action Illustrating Need to Hold Partners Accountable

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced the settlement of allegations that marketers deceived consumers via a get-rich quick scheme.  According to reports, the operators have agreed to a permanent ban on marketing or selling certain types of software.

Moscow Affiliate Conference: new wave!

About the MAC conference During the two years of Moscow Affiliate Conference existence, the audience of the affiliate industry fell in love with it, because the conference brings the perfect combination of business and entertainment parts: the traditional pre-party,

Instagram to Add Shopping Function to Stories

Hold on to your chair! Buckle up buttercup! It’s about to get real… Ha! No seriously.  If branding yourself to the millennial crowd via Instagram is your thing, then have we got the news for you. Instagram is expanding its Shopping function beyond the main feed into its Stories channel.

6 Hacks That Are a Must for Solopreneurs

You are living the American dream, or so it seems.  However, even with all the advantages that come with being a solopreneur the fact still remains that you are a one person company most likely doing the work of five or more. There is no one to remind you of appointments,

World Cup Jackpot: A Guide to Betting Offers for Affiliates

Sports betting affiliate programs can be extremely profitable, especially when a major event is being celebrated. As you already know, the World Cup 2018 is upon us (just a few days left),

FTC DNA Testing Privacy Investigation

In 2017, Senator Chuck Schumer urged the Federal Trade Commission to investigate DNA testing companies in an effort to ensure that data collection and use practices comply with applicable privacy laws,

Affiliate Marketing: a Blueprint for Success

Some people think that they can increase sales by finding a product from an affiliate program or network and sending traffic to it. However, everything is not that easy. Affiliate marketing looks like any other business or job. You need some particular skills.

The Periodic Table Of Email Deliverabilty [Infographic]

I don’t know about all of you, but if I see another article regarding when the best time to schedule that next email campaign… I’m probably gonna scream.  Ok, maybe I won’t actually scream, but I’ll definitely give an aggressive eye-roll.

How To Approach People at Networking Events

You have heard this a million times, if not more, “One of the key strategies for every entrepreneur is to build, maintain, and nurture a network.”  For many this comes naturally. The gift of gab some would say. Although approaching others at a networking event,

Twitter made some changes to their battle against internet ‘trolls’

Twitter Inc  made some significant changes to their strategy for fighting internet “trolls” on Tuesday.  Twitter will begin using a wider range of key points to rank tweets in conversations and searches, hiding even more replies that are likely to be abusive. 

California Bill Introduced That Would Further Restrict Commercial Email Advertising

An Assembly member recently introduced AB 2546, an author-sponsored bill that would amend California’s anti-SPAM legislation (CBPC § 17529.5).  The potential impact on the email marketing industry is profound.

Follow the Influencer to Follow the Money [Infographic]

Influencer marketing is on the rise. With 39% of marketers planning to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2018, and 19% planning to spend over $100k per program, the growth of this industry simply can’t be ignored.  The infographic below, created by St. Joseph Communictions,

5 Huge Lessons of a Solopreneur

Way back in 2005, I hung out my shingle as a freelancer.  I was the ripe old age of 32 and had simply had it with the corporate life.  Even though as Americans we have been tricked into thinking that if you are employed and working for a corporation that you are guaranteed a […]

FTC Announces Campaign to Help Businesses Strengthen Cyber Defenses

The Federal Trade Commission has recently announced plans to launch a national education campaign to assist small businesses strengthen their cyber defenses and protect sensitive data that they store. As outlined in a new Staff Perspective report,

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