Findings To Help A Digital Marketer In 2018 #study

Winning the competition for customers in ecommerce is getting more and more complicated. So, having a strategy based on data and current trends becomes very helpful. With this is mind,

Leverage Your Blogging for More Money Making Opportunities

There’s more than one way to skin a cat and in the online world of entrepreneurship and marketing, you don’t want to be a one-trick pony. Animal-related idioms aside, it is absolutely true that you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. At the same time,


这是一个品牌+营销的时代,不管你是品牌总监、策划公司还是广告公司,思路的转型和升级刻不容缓,我们一起探讨解构和构建品牌思维的完整之道,为创新转型和升级助力。    从事品牌相关工作,不妨要像品牌顾问一样思考,这样更佳深刻全面地洞察和认知你的 […]

北京 | 【奔驰】Procurement NPM

Objective of the Position 1. Effectively lead and monitor the processes, systems and employees to efficiently exe […]


近日,全球品牌战略咨询公司Siegel+Gale思睿高发布了“2017全球品牌简约指数”报告(如需查看报告内容,请点击文末“阅读原文”),调查发现崇尚简约的理念能持续为品牌带来收益。这份报告中还出现了一些有意思的发现,如:一些 […]


“我们做公关的,政治第一,时间第二,新闻第三,这个顺序要时刻记住。”一位创业公司公关老司机说。   这是她在10年职业生涯里得出的独门秘籍。   我们聊起小蓝单车的宣传事故,那件事很可能是压死这家公司的最后一根稻草。 & […]

I Made How Much Today?!?!

On this episode of the Dot Com Life Vlog, I take you through a typical Monday. This will give you an idea on what it’s like to live the Dot Com Lifestyle. Please let me know if you like this format of video. If you do, I will create more. if not, then I will got back to the regular […]

Elegant Themes Black Friday 2017 Deal: Get Flat 25% Discount on WordPress Themes

Are you looking for the Elegant themes black Friday 2017 deals? You have landed on the right place. Here’s where you will find out best Elegant black Friday deal (instant 25% discount) along with their other details. Elegant themes is offering:

Why Introverts Thrive in Online Business

You're not too shy for business. In fact, being an introvert is more beneficial than you think. Here are several reasons why introverts thrive.

Did You Survive The Dip In 2017?

Each year around the holidays I like to reflect my past twelve months to evaluate how the year went for my businesses. Since 1998 I’ve been very fortunate to have worked online full time and have never had a “real job.

How To Double Your App Downloads With App Store Optimization

So you’ve studied your target audience for a long time and created an app that perfectly solves their challenges. You’ve gone the extra mile and put in efforts to create a great user interface and interesting tutorials too.

How to Build a Corporate Training Curriculum to Increase Employee Productivity

There are two ways to scale up business output. Although increasing your workforce is the most popular choice, doing so also comes with higher overhead. A better alternative is to improve your worker productivity through corporate training. According to a study published by the U.S.

How to Build Deep Links to Boost Your Website in the SERP’s

The concept of deeplinking is NOT new but the value placed on it has never been more evident. For those of you not aware of the term “deeplinking”, it refers to building links to internal pages on your website to increase the overall value of your entire site.

北京 | 【ofo小黄车】Recruiter (Oversea BU)

Responsibilities: • Employ a consultative approach to executing sourcing strategies that ensure efficient and effective […]


作者 | 壹心理主笔团 | 触角 来源 | 心理公开课  01 关于“贫穷” 我们受到的恐吓不下10000次 中国的年轻人,光是今年,受到贫穷的恐吓就可能不下10000次。 一篇细致描绘北漂生活的《北京,有2000万人假装在生 […]

小青书 | 黑夜行车战略

第二次世界大战期间,美籍奥地利人、著名社会学家、传播学四大奠基人之一PaulLazarsfeld以60万名美国士兵作为调查对象,进行了一项研究,并得出了6个结论,其中一项是“来自农村的士兵会比城市士兵更适合部队生活。”他是这样推测的:很多读 […]


六天过去,双十一的硝烟正在消散。除了难度堪比高考数学的优惠政策,刷遍朋友圈的,还有马云爸爸极具个人品牌风格的《功守道》。20分钟的短片,在与众多武术明星如李连杰、甄子丹、吴京的“攻与守”之间,通过隐喻的方式,马云向世人阐述了自己的企业经营与 […]

7 Must-Have Tools for Every Startup

Creating a startup can be one of the most rewarding endeavors for any entrepreneur. The drive to propose an innovative solution to solve a pressing problem is the first, and often most exciting, step. But without certain must-have tools, your startup will not do nearly as well as it could.

WordPress Web Hosting: Best 5 Web Hosting Websites Comparison

Which is the best web hosting service provider? This is the common question I get all the time from my readers, so I have decided to write an exclusive detailed post on choosing a better hosting service for your blog or website to make it a success. In this post, I am going to share...

Why Passive Income Is Like the Stock Market

More than ten years ago, in the early days of this blog, John wrote about the concept of trading hours for dollars. If you haven’t read that post, I highly recommend you go back and read it. A lot has changed on the Internet since then, but the fundamental philosophy remains the same.

Paying for My New Tesla Roadster

On this episode of the Dot Com Life Vlog, I check out the SMMOC meetup in Irvine, have Dot Com Lunch at Pho Ba Co, go to the UPS store, go make up shopping, and wire Tesla Motors for the balance owning on the $200K Tesla Roadster that I ordered yesterday.

10 Remarkable E-commerce Marketing Tips for Boosting Your Sales

Are you struggling with selling your eCommerce products? If your answer is “yes,” then you have to redefine your eCommerce marketing strategies. In this post, I have put together 10 remarkable eCommerce marketing tips to help you increase the revenue of your online store. 1.

More Common Blogging Mistakes You Could Be Making

When starting a blog, you have to be very careful today because there is no shortage of other relevant blogs your visitor can turn to. Mistakes made during content writing and blog setup can be very costly because once a visitor leaves your domain, it will be very hard to get them back,

3 Tools for Your Next Mobile Marketing Campaign

Marketers can no longer afford to ignore the opportunities that mobile offers. Having a mobile marketing campaign is now essential. By the end of 2017, brands will have spent close to $40 billion on mobile marketing. By 2020, they will spend over $65 billion.

How To Use Google Adwords To Promote Our Affiliate Program

As part of my upcoming Affiliate Marketing 101 course, I’m breaking down different channels that can be used to successfully promote our affiliate program. Google Adwords is very popular amongst some of the largest super affiliates in the industry.

Clickbooth Gives Back to Mayors’ Feed The Hungry

It is hard to believe that 2017 is nearly over, let alone that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! With the holidays sneaking up on us rather quickly, it is easy to forget that not everyone has a family to spend the holidays with or is as fortunate to have a homecooked Thanksgiving meal.

Why You’re Not Getting Kickstarter Backers

Tick-Tock! Your Kickstarter campaign is running out of time and you haven't reached your goal. Here's what when wrong and how to turn it around.

What’s Next? The Conferences You Can’t Miss

With a few final conferences left on the horizon for this year, here is a list of places you can still catch Clickbooth in 2017, and one in early 2018 so you can start the New Year off right!

The Fundamentals of a Great YouTube Video Description

YouTube isn’t new. I don’t need to tell you that. It was a revolutionary video sharing platform for the masses well before Google acquired it, effectively cannibalizing the now defunct Google Video platform. A big difference that has emerged these last couple of years, however,

5 Ways Restaurants can Use Conversational Commerce

Conversation, and not communication,is the essence of all human interactions. If you are wondering what is the difference between these two terms, the following explanation might help: While conversation is the actual exchange of ideas between two or more people,

北京 | 【西门子】市场专员

What are my responsibilities? Manage and monitor marketing event activities, i.e. event, workshop, road show, on […]


来源:4A广告圈(ID:newggm) 作者:冰块呢(授权发布) 《小王子》里曾说: “每个大人都曾经是孩子,只是他们忘了。” 他们忘了自己还是小孩子时对外界的感受, 其实和大人是很不一样的。 大人不能因为自己觉得热, 就给小孩少穿衣服; […]


2009年4月,孩子王创立。这个诞生于淘宝「双十一」元年的品牌,仅仅用了七年的时间就在新三板上市,市值超过140亿,年均复合增长率超过50%,人称「母婴零售行业第一股」。 和国内诸多母婴玩家不同的是,孩子王CEO徐伟宏十分强调 […]

The High Price of Low Cost

On of the biggest advantages of starting an internet marketing business is the ultra low start up cost. However, this low cost can come with a very high price. Watch this episode of Driving with John Chow to find out what this price is. Click Here To Download John Chow’s New eBook,

How to Automate Your Passive Income

Want even more passive income streams? Then it's time to embrace the automation revolution! Try these automated strategies to supercharge your residual income.

Why All Employers Should Offer Novated Leases to Staff

Are you looking for ways to recognise your employees’ hard work? If you haven’t tried offering them novated leases, you should consider doing so. Employers can offer raises or bonuses to employees as incentives for them to reach sales targets and conversion goals.

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