Don’t Underestimate the Power of Kylie Jenner

It only took one tweet from Kylie Jenner to send Snapchat's stock tumbling. Here's how the new queen of marketing could impact the future of social media.

Snapchat Usage and Advertising: A Marketer’s Guide to Maximizing Returns from Snapchat

Ever since Snap went public in March 2017, the company’s stock prices had been witnessing a steady decline. Throughout this phase, there was a clear sense of lack of growth for Snapchat. The numbers did not really have marketers drooling.

4 Writing Tips for Better Blog Posts

I’ve been writing online for nearly two decades and I’ve made my career as a professional freelance writer for more than half of that time. This is no “side hustle” for me and I don’t have another “day job” that I use to pay the bills.

How To Manage Subdomains Inside cPanel (Create, Delete, Add SSL)

The ease of setting up subdomains is one of the most powerful features of cPanel. With just a couple of clicks you can have a subdomain activated, with a fresh copy of WordPress, and even a valid SSL certificate. Recently we’ve had some questions on how to modify these, including deleting them,

Guide to 2018 Shipping Rate Increases for FedEx and UPS

We’re officially into the new year and over the traditional holiday slumps that bog down the beginning of the year. Along with that come new shipping rates from companies like FedEx and UPS that could raise some eyebrows.

Price vs. Value: How it Relates to the Products That You Are Promoting

Every marketer wants to have the edge at selling a product or service at the highest price to be demanded, however, a truly successful sale will be cornered in a value pricing level that keeps pace with present demand. The two theories – price and value – go hand in hand and,

Thoughtful Interview With Pardeep Goyal from Cash Overflow On Making Money Online

There’s another fantastic interview up in the Bloggers Passion interview series. This time with Pardeep Goyal who is a full-time blogger, blogs at Cash Overflow which covers various topics including making money online, financial management, blogging etc.


直男眼中的化妆品是什么样的? 这些神级解读相信大部分人肯定不陌生   那么我们再把难度升级一下 有没有想过 女生眼中的化妆是什么样的? 或者,女生都懂化妆品嘛? …… 最近LVMH旗下法国专业彩妆品牌MAKE UP FOR EVE […]

Sharing My Secrets To Make Money Online

On this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog, I share with the attendees of the Titanium Mastermind in Puerto Vallarta my secrets to make money online and live the Dot Com Lifestyle. There was almost 150 attendees in audience and my presentation was very well received.

Spring Has Sprung And Our Super Sale Is Now Live!

For this first time in my 33 years of living I’ve experienced what it’s like to have frozen pipes! To say I’m glad this winter is behind us would be an understatement! While I’m thankful for the time spent indoors, growing NameHero and spending time with my family,

11 Ways to Build an Email List That Actually Yields ROI

Every online business and brand needs to have a mailing list. It’s simply the best way to get subscribers to leave their personal information before they leave your site. Some of the largest websites and blogs on the world today do nearly all of their business through their mailing list.

10 Marketing Experts Share Tips to Create Explainer Videos That Convert

An explainer video is one that conveys a business or a product idea in a simplified way. Putting up an explainer video is a proven method to get your audience to stay on your site for longer and improve search rankings.


文章来源:数英网 大约 100 年前,全球平均预期寿命只有 31 岁。 现在,平均寿命已经增长到 71.8 岁了。 日本格力高使用了72个女演员拍摄了一直广告 包括那个0岁的小婴儿 全片72个女演员,每人负责一秒 但每一秒背后都是将近一个小 […]

上海 | 【沃尔沃】Corporate Communication Manager

Primary Responsibility Develop and drive a Corporate campaign to raise Volvo Cars brand value, and the continued strateg […]


一个好的CMO应该做什么? 在创业公司一堆CEOCOOCXO里,CMO是一个容易尴尬的位置。可口可乐就用CGO替代了CMO。 其实CMO把握企业对销售的定位,一个好的CMO会利用数据来做决策,科学推动公司的增长和提高 。 今天的文章中美 […]

Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta Tour & Drone Video

On this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog, I I take a tour of the Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive & Spa. This is the resort I’m staying at during the Titanium Mastermind. It’s a nice place to make money online and live the Dot Com Lifestyle.

Reciprocal Link Building Secret Research

Recently, I was doing some research online and found a cool way to request link backs to relevant content. Right now, I would like you to Google “keyword” + resources and see what results pop up.

Why Warren Buffett Still Uses a Flip Phone

Warren Buffet is worth billions, but he's not planning on trading in his trusty flip phone. Learn the powerful reason why he refuses to get a smartphone.

Getting Started With Your NameHero Hosting Account: How To Access cPanel

We try to make the signup process at NameHero as simple as possible with all accounts being automatically provisioned (as long as your billing goes through successfully). Recently we were asked about how to access cPanel when you first sign-up,

The Best SEO Tools You Should Be Using in 2018

SEO has proven itself. It’s no longer the buzzword reserved for niche online marketing circles. Nowadays, even the small business owner promoting their business online knows just how critical SEO can be to their success. Unfortunately, while they understand the importance of SEO and its results,

Choosing Your Blog Post Topics

The way you should think about the individual blog post topics is very similar to how you should be thinking about the overall niche or subject for your blog as a whole, except on a far more detailed or specific basis. The content on your blog should be there for a specific purpose.


如果你热爱的是不间断地在一个个会议之间穿梭、夜深人静时依然在思考各项数字之间的关联或者在凌晨三点钟还不忘起身记下一个好点子,别信大多数人说的“工作至上会毁了你的健康”,它可能正是让你不停前进的动力。   相信大多数人会认同成为“工 […]

URBAN MATTERS by MINI 举办Urban Bloom 城事绽放场外展,用设计改造公共空间

MINI旗下创新平台URBAN MATTERS by MINI把上海市中心地带的一个停车场和临近空间营造成一个特别的临时花园,通过这个被称为Urban Bloom “城事绽放”的场外展,探讨设计与城市共生的理想状态。 作为DS IN THE […]

小青书 | 三个石匠的故事

这是彼得德鲁克在《管理的实践》一书中,曾经引用过的一个寓言故事。故事是这样的,有人问三个石匠他们在做什么: •第1个石匠说,他是为了混口饭吃; •第2个石匠说,他要做全国最好的石匠; •而第3个石匠说,他正在建造一座宏伟壮丽的大教堂。 这三 […]


本文转自日本设计小站(ID:japandesign),已获得其授权 字体要大 LOGO要大 在LOGO设计圈,大才是爸爸们的终极目的 然而有一家企业却反其道而行…… Lacoste 在坚持了85年使用同一个LOGO之后 不仅被自家设计师“弃 […]

FURLA 从2019早春系列开始将开启“零皮草”时代

Furla集团宣布,取消在其系列产品中使用动物毛皮。 从2019早春系列开始,所有系列产品均将采用环保皮草制成,并将从2018年11月开始在Furla门店有售。 Furla在对动物福利问题上越来越重视,证明品牌对环保这种敏感话题给予了更多的 […]

上海 | 【奥美】Associate Creative Director

OVERVIEW Associate Creative Director is responsible for conceptualizing, writing, proofreading and editing original cont […]

Make Money Online While Flying To Puerto Vallarta

On this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog, I fly to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to check out the Fiesta Americana Resort and Spa. It’s really nice here. And best of all, I made $1k while I was flying! I can do that because I live the Dot Com Lifestyle.

5 Possible Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting

Conversions are crucial to making a website successful, but there are plenty of things that can interfere with an optimal conversion rate. Converting site visitors into buying customers is a tricky challenge,

Visual Marketing – What Can It Do For Your Brand?

You’ll be surprised how certain visual aspects of your blog can increase engagement. Many times a simple infographic, chart, video or images can be more than a thousand words on a piece of paper. This is why the famous quote is so popular “a picture tells a thousand words”. However,

My Big Secret To Make Money Online

On this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog, I give you my secret to making money online. I also check out some cool rides at South OC Cars and Coffee, have pho at the Dot Com Lunch, and Sally plays the violin (she is getting quite good at it)! While doing all this,

Web Hosting Basics

Just as there are so many different companies that offer domain registration, there are possibly even more than offer web hosting. While it doesn’t matter all that much which domain registration service you use, it does matter tremendously which web hosting provider and web hosting plan you choose.

How To Sync Your Audio From The Zoom H1 To Your Video

In this screencast tutorial video, I show you two methods to sync the recorded audio from your Zoom H1 digital audio recorder (or any audio record) to the video from your camera (a Sony RX100 V in this case). The software I used was Final Cut Pro X, but it can work with any video editing software.

Top 5 On-Page SEO Tips For Chiropractors

The post Top 5 On-Page SEO Tips For Chiropractors appeared first on ProfitAddiction.

57 Entrepreneurs Share their Favorite Entrepreneur Success Quotes

What is your favorite entrepreneur or celebrity success quote that really gets you going? Mine is short and simple — it’s “Get Shit Done!”. I’m sure you have a favorite of your own. It might be super original, one that’s not well known,

Very Easy Ways To Generate Content Idea’s – Part2

Welcome to Part 2 of my series where we are discussing awesome ways to generate some of the best content ideas. In Part 1 we discussed how Google search, Keyword Planner, and Trends have transformed the way we find relevant keywords which are perfect to create engaging content.

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